As a Friend

As a Matter of Fact

Any Day Now

As Far as I Know

Away From Keyboard

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Almost Anything

Age Sex Location

At the Moment

Absent Without Leave


Be Back in a Bit

Be Back Later

Be Back Soon


Be Right Back

Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Can't Talk Now

See You Later

Does Anyone Else

Down Low

End Of Message

End Of Thread

Fixed That For You

For The Win

For What It's Worth


Good Game

Good Job

Good Luck

Great Minds Think Alike

Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself

Got To Go

Hold on A Sec

Hope This Helps

In Any Case

I Am A

If I Remember Correctly

I Love You

In My Humble Opinion

In My Opinion

In Real Life

In This Thread

I Think You Mean

If You Know What I Mean

Just Kidding

Just So You Know

Kiss On The Cheek

Long Distance Relationship

Let Me Know


Long Time No See

My Face When...

Message Me Back

Message of The Day

May The Force Be With You

Mind Your Own Business

No Big Deal

Not Much

Not Safe For Life

Not Safe For Work

Not Work Safe

Original Content

Oh I See


On My Way

Original Post Original Poster

Off Topic

On The Other Hand

Peer To Peer / Pay to Play



Read Between The Lines

Read the Manual / Restart the Machine

Safe For Work

Shaking My Head

Significant Other

To Be Honest

That Feeling When

That's Great

Today I Learned

Too Long, Didn't Read

Too Much Information

Terms Of Service

Talk to You Later

Talk To You Soon

Thank You

Thank You Very Much

Welcome Back

Want to Buy

Want to Sell

Want to Trade

What You Got?

You Ain't Gonna Need It

You Have Been Trolled

You Mileage May Vary

You Only Live Once

You're a Man Now Dawg

You're Welcome