For some people, Sigil rituals, such as tattooing rituals, are a purely aesthetic choice- a small otherworldly design may or may not have personal symbolic meaning to them.

For other people, Sigil rituals can be tools of transformation. Broadly speaking, analytical or sceptical people tend to see these as visual forms of the placebo effect or hypnotic suggestion. Creative or spiritual people tend to see Sigils as having innate power, whether as a way to hack into the code of a simulation they perceive reality to be part of or as a way to access divine or Occult powers.

This page is designed to give a brief introduction to tattooing as a Sigil ritual.

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Occult Artwork


Whether through Shamanic Journey or Art therapy, images that are crafted using our intuition are emotionally charged. These images are the same archetypes as we encounter in our dreams.

Dreams are experienced or created on a spectrum from daydreams, hypnagogia, hypnosis, incubation and lucidity. Just as Art can be defined by the intentions behind its creation as well as the interpretations by its viewers, dreams are defined in part as interpretation.

Sacred Mandala


Dream interpretation is best approached through the Jungian method of active interpretation in order to reduce interference from the conscious mind. In this case dream symbolism can also be understood as having the potential to predict the future.

Mandala Sigil


This is the crux of a Sigil ritual, whether based in Dream archetypes, Tarot, Astrology etc. The predictive aspect can be understood as a self fulfilling prophecy. Confirmation signs can be understood as Synchronicity.

Animal Spirit


Synchronicity is another Jungian concept, the idea that coincidences are not meaningless. Creative or spiritual people tend to understand this directly. Analytic or sceptical people tend to realise that coincidences may be intrinsically meaningless but due to the Baader Meinhof effect, they are rendered meaningful- they aren’t “merely” coincidences, they are “our” coincidences.

Sigil Activation


The examples above have been selected to clarify the nature of the different approaches to the Sigil Tattoo Ritual. Each image is an outgrowth of an underlying Sigil that was created as part of a Chaos Magick Ritual. The Sigil is traditionally activated through a point of extreme concentration and the destruction of the sigil. The intensity of the needle combined with the covering up of the Sigil are the most straightforward examples of this approach.

Lucid dream sigil


An alternative approach to destroying the Sigil is to rely on the natural tendency for people to lose focus and forget about things after a while. In this case the Sigil functions in a manner similar to an advertising logo, subtly priming and influencing our choices, lingering on the periphery of awareness.

Protection Sigil


Regardless of your belief or attitude, whether coming from a creative or analytical perspective, awareness of your unconscious needs can be used to steer you to meeting those needs. In an example above, a gentleman has ascertained that a Tiger is a kind of Spirit animal for him and a Sigil was created to allow him to channel the Spirit of this animal as required. The Sigil has then been activated with a symbolic image of the animal.

Focus Sigil


Many of these applications originally pertain to sleep phenomena. Throughout time spamming the entire existence of the human species, and all over the planet, matching descriptions of demonic entities have appeared independently. The most well known of these is the chest sitter demon but most other sacred or demonic entities can trace their root to this origin. Sleep phenomenon is generally characterised by the archetype of the “Mare”, hence the focus on Demonology. Relevant Sigil tend to be designed to protect the wearer against the Mare.

Genius Loci Summoning Sigil


Not every sigil is intended to ward off evil spirits, Magick is also used to attract wealth, health and happiness. Usually this is attained through some specific focus, for example a Sigil Ritual might be followed help somebody to lucid dream, to summon a spirit such as a Genius Loci or to aid in spiritual development, relaxation and meditation abilities.

Mindfulness Sigil