"My distinguished guests, let me thank you most sincerely for responding to the request of your host this night, Mr Boddy, and for honoring him with your presence.

He will be joining you shortly, so make yourself comfortable until then."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am heartbroken to inform you that Mr. Boddy's untimely and violent passing will stand in the way of his participation this evening.

I would like to politely ask you not to leave this place, as the police are already investigating this matter and will certainly ask you some questions."

Mrs. Peacock

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Mrs. Peacock

Mrs. Peacock is a socialite and a terrible gossip. Inviting her to your parties can be a mistake; not inviting her can be far worse.

For all her faults, Mr. Boddy once courted Mrs. Peacock until the beautiful Miss Scarlet arrived.

Reverend John Green

A central character in the village, Reverend Green spends most of his time attending to community affairs and ensuring the peace and quiet of the village is not disrupted.

A quiet man with strong beliefs and opinions, he is good friends with Mrs. White.

Professor Peter Plum

Inventor, Archaeologist, Professor, Explorer. Plum is all of these and continues his quest for knowledge and innovation.

In more recent times, Mr. Boddy has provided financial backing for some of the Professor's projects.

Colonel Michael Mustard

Colonel Mustard plays in the stereotypical 'great white hunter' and is the fiancée of Mrs. Peacock.

Colonel Mustard also has the occasional fling with her step-daughter: Miss Scarlett. Colonel Mustard is a former SAS officer with an elusive past.

Miss Josephine Scarlet

She is a a huge drama queen and always has to be the center of attention.

She is familiar to both the West End and Broadway stage, Miss Scarlet's career was heading ever upwards. However, her new play, in which she has her first starring role, has hit difficulties.

A bad review in a major newspaper following the opening night has damaged her and the play may have to close. Off stage, she is Mr. Boddy's current female companion and is a regular guest at the mansion.

Mrs. Blanche White

Maid and Cook to the Boddy family at the mansion, Mrs. White has given her services for over 40 years. She is the backbone of the mansion and Mr. Boddy has always been kept in place by her strict work manner.

Mrs. White and Mr. Green are good friends having known each other for many years.


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Dining Room

The Interrogation

"May I ask you to make yourself available to the investigators' questions?

I am sure that you are innocent and have nothing to hide..."