Anomic Aphasia is a mild, fluent form of aphasia in which individuals are ocassionally unable to recall and express even the simplest words they want to say.

Individuals with aphasia who display anomia can often describe an object in detail and maybe even use hand gestures to demonstrate how the object is used, but cannot find the appropriate word to name the object.

Anomic aphasia can be genetic or caused by damage to various parts of the parietal lobe or the temporal lobe of the brain due to traumatic injury, stroke, or a brain tumor.

The following list provides contextual frames of particular easy test words that were omitted and are supposed to be retrieved by the individual.


- A hard round fruit that is white inside and has a smooth green, yellow, or red skin, which is called peel when it has been removed

"My grandfather always used to recommend that an _____ a day keeps the doctor away."


- A frame in a wall with glass in it that lets light and air into a room and lets you see what is outside

"She just stood there staring out of the ______."


- A small block of wood or plastic with six sides marked with spots, that you roll or throw to play a game

"The game is played by tossing the ____ from one end of the table to the other."


- An African animal similar to a horse but with black and white stripes on its body

"The lions devoured a _____ in a short time."


- A tool used for hitting things or forcing nails into wood that consists of a handle and a heavy metal top with one flat side

"He swung the ______ with all his strength."

Jack O'Lantern

- An empty pumpkin with a face cut into it and a light inside that can be seen through the holes

"The custom of carving ________________ can be traced back to an old Irish folk tale."


- A musical instrument with a row of narrow wooden pieces that produce notes when you hit them with a wooden hammer

"The length of the bars of the _________ determines the different notes of the scale."


- A flat paper case for a letter or document, with a part that you stick down to close it before you write an address on it and send it through the post

"He slit open the ________ with a knife."


- A long thin animal with no legs and a smooth skin. Some have a poisonous bite that can kill

"She was bitten by a _____ while walking through long grass."


- A flat upright structure made of wood or wire that surrounds an area of land

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the _____."


- A piece of equipment for reaching high places that consists of two long pieces of wood or metal joined by smaller pieces called rungs

"The ______ stood against the wall, making it easy for the thieves to enter the house."


- An old-fashioned pen made from a bird’s feather

"She dipped a _____ in ink, then began to write."


- A vehicle shaped like a tube that travels in space. It is launched when it is sent up from the ground into the sky.

"The ______ launched two communications satellites."


- A toy consisting of a round plastic or wooden object on the end of a string that you can make rise and fall by tying the string to your finger and moving your hand up and down

"The price of petrol is going up and down like a _____."


- A musical instrument that you hold under your chin and play by pulling a long object called a bow across its strings.

"She practises the ______ every day."


- A sea animal with a soft round body and eight long arms called tentacles

"An _______ that is constantly changing color is a healthy one."


- A type of cracker that people often eat between meals or with beer. It is baked in the shape of a stick or a knot and covered with salt

"And I love ________, trail mix, raisins and dried fruit."


- An object that you hold over your head when it is raining

"A sudden gust of wind blew his ________ inside out."


- An object that you wear on your nose and in front of your eyes to help you see better

"I see so much better with my new ______!"


- A very tall plant that has deep roots, a thick stem made of wood, and many branches

"Do not cut down the ____ that gives you shade."


- A long curved fruit with a yellow skin

"Those _______ aren’t ripe yet – they’re still green."


- A sweet food made by baking a mixture that usually contains sugar, eggs, flour, and butter or oil

"It was a piece of ____."


- A toy that flies in the air while you hold it by a long string

"My brother is flying a ____ in the park."


- A piece of metal that can make iron or steel objects come to it so that they seem to stick to it

"He picked all the pins up with a ______."


- A hut made by Inuit from snow or ice

"Setting a fire for cooking will not melt the _____."


- The part of your face above your mouth that you use for smelling and breathing

"A plastic surgeon successfully rebuilt his ____."