Questions & Answers is widely considered to be the most powerful effect in mentalism.

Involving a whole audience it deals exclusively with the subject that is most important for each person - his or her own life.
Unspoken and very personal questions about various topics are collected and received in a mindreading fashion before they are answered by the performer.

This collection of questions from audience members of a wide range of ages and backgrounds sheds light on a particular fact:

Our needs are similar across our differences and our questions to the world are the same.


How does a certain somebody feel about me ?

Where will I meet the love of my life ?

Will I ever get married ?

Will I ever meet my soulmate ?

Is my current relationship true love ?

Will my marriage last ?

Why did my partner break up with me ?


Will I get another job ?

Should I continue to work where I am ?

Will my business be a success ?

How much time and money should I invest in this new venture ?

Will that important deal succeed ?

When will be a good time to ask for a raise ?

What will my job be, when I finish school ?


Will I ever have children ?

Am I having a boy or a girl ?

What's my family's future to look like ?

Will the family get together for Christmas ?

Are my parents going to be ok ?

How many grandkids will I have ?

Will my kids go to college ?


Will I be rich ?

Am I going to win the lottery ?

How can I get an investor founding for my venture ?

Will I have financial prosperity ?

What should I do with my money ?

Will I make enough money to buy that new car ?

How far will my stock shares go ?


What is my next step in life ?

Am I making the right choice ?

What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything ?

Why am I disliked by others ?

How can I be sure the decision I make is correct ?

What should I have for dinner ?

Does mindreading really exist ?