Running around bare foot outside

Teeth falling out and putting them under the pillow

School dinners

First crush

Flying a kite

Getting a pet

Reading magazines

Winning an award

Being read a bedtime story

Jumping in puddles

Skimming stones

Sports days

Buying the first album/single

First day of secondary school

School field trips

Getting up really early in the morning to go on holiday

Going Camping

Being in a school play

Family holidays abroad

Paper rounds


Musical Chairs

Being forced to eat vegetables

Boring Homework

Painting / arts and crafts

Holiday Family Dinners

Hide and seek

Visiting the grandparents

Going to the beach

Hearing the ice-cream van music

Learning to ride a bike

Playing in the park

Building sandcastles

Watching children's TV

Climbing trees

Collecting toys/ cards/ collectibles

Reading with a torchlight under a blanket

Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake

Swimming lessons

Visiting cousins

Sleepovers at a friend’s house

Learning to read

Performing your first magic trick

Staying up late for New Year's parties

Playing car games on long journeys

Watching films which were above one's age rating

Playing Soccer

Going to amusement parks

Fighting with siblings