A new trend among the wealthy is to snack on fast food made with gold and precious jewels. Restaurants are offering a variety of sweet and savory dishes, such as golden fried chicken and diamond-studded chocolates, that feature these glittering ingredients, drawing attention and interest from locals and tourists alike. This trend is a reflection of the desire for luxury and exclusivity, and the restaurants that offer these dishes often attract a high-end clientele.

The Golden Crown Burger

Diamond Dusted Fried Chicken

Lavishly Jeweled Pepperoni Pizza

The Royal Panini

Imperial Tacos

The Elite Hotdog

The Golden Fried Shrimp Deluxe

Diamond Dust Chicken Tenders

Jewel French Fries Exquisite

Grand Gold Encrusted Grilled Cheese

Posh Jewel-Encrusted Sushi Selection

Lavish Embellished Cookies

Grand Opulent Donut Selection

Imperial Adorned Brownies

Royal Belgian Waffles Exquisite

Diamond Dusted Churros

Opulent Crowned Quesadillas

Posh Popcorn Royal

Opulent Adorned Danishes

Golden Crown Curry

Festive Jewel Infused Fried Rice

Upscale Gourmet Cream Cheese Bagel

Elite Cupcake Trio De Luxe

Splendid Gold Dust Topped Milkshake

Opulent Dazzling Ice Cream

Precious Grandiose Falafel

Ornate Sumptuous Pancakes

Glamorous Gem Encrusted Fried Fish

Elite Bejeweled Spring Rolls

Opulent Gemstone Embellished Empanadas

Radiant Sparkling Cinnamon Rolls

Grandiose Elite Lustrous Kebabs

Grandiose Decorated Nachos